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About Us

BioAbChem Inc. is operating in different market segments for its products. Our products include: Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), Recombinant and Natural proteins (Human, Mouse and Rat), Lab consumables. Our customer base for bulk biomedical reagents includes researchers in academia, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

BioAbChem offers products with unparalleled customer service and professionalism. Every product is provided with ample documentation and necessary data.

BioAbChem believes in a strong relationship with the customers. We believe that our dedicated group at BioAbChem could only be proud in its work if it meets customer satisfaction and partners in their scientific success.

BioAbChem’s production are conducted in adherence to a strict quality program without exception. Our customers are relying on our products because our dedicated scientist at manufacturing unit understands the meaning of a quality product.

BioAbChem constantly strives to provide the best quality products and services that help our customer to achieve results they deserve for successful project.

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Welcome to BioAbChem Inc. and thanks for visiting our website. Being in the field of life science we are aware of the day-to-day problems that our fellow researchers face when their products are not up to the mark. It is discouraging when an ongoing experiment gets compromised due to low quality products. To ease that pain we have established BioAbChem where we will work hard to get the right product in your lab. We are here to help. Try our products and have peace of mind because we are working for you.

BioAbChem, Inc. supplies excellent quality biological products that include FBS, recombinant and natural proteins and lab consumables. Researchers in universities and institutes use our reliable products; while Biotech and pharmaceutical companies use our contract manufacturing services. Our experienced staff is familiar with the procedures involved in the production of quality products and continues to render excellent products to our clients.

BioAbChem’s interdisciplinary scientists have broad immunological and biochemical experience in the development of customized solutions for complex projects. Our scientists provide comprehensive, flexible, cost-effective and speedy customized services.

AASN BioAbChem Inc. belief: “Science Holds Our Future – Let a Scientist Be Your Partner”