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Fetal Bovine Serum Charcoal Treated; 500ml

Product Data Sheet and Certificate of Analysis

Fetal Bovine Serum: 100% US Origin, Charcoal Treated

Filtration: FBS product has been triple 0.1 micron filtered.

Charcoal Treated Serum:

Charcoal treatment of serum is an effective process for removing hormones and steroids. It has also been used for improving immunoassay systems.
Charcoal treated, charcoal filtered or charcoal stripped fetal bovine serums are all terms used for the same product. It is made by exposing the serum to a mixture of dextran coated activated charcoal for a period of time. This product is typically more expensive and most labs do not use very much so we offer a procedure for preparing charcoal treated fetal bovine serum. There are several different methods but the actual materials and concentrations are very similar. If the volume of serum you need is 10-50ml the use of 50mm sterile centrifuge tubes makes the process simpler.

Procedure for Charcoal treatment of Fetal Bovine Serum:
Dextran coated Charcoal: Prepare dextran coated charcoal by stirring 2.5%(w/v) Norit-A charcoal and dextranT-70 (0.25%w/v) in PBS. Use low endotoxin deionized water if available and store for 18 h at 4°C before use. This is good for up to 1 week when stored at 4°C. Make a volume equal to the volume of serum you need.
Be sure to thoroughly re-suspend the charcoal before using. Take a volume of the dextran-coated charcoal equivalent to that of the serum which to be stripped. This is where 50ml sterile centrifuge tubes work well, centrifuge to pellet the charcoal (500-1,000 g for 5 minutes).
Decant the supernatant and replace it with the same volume of Fetal Bovine serum. If you have low endotoxin de-ionized water, resuspend the pellet with it, centrifuge and decant the supernatant again before adding the fetal bovine serum. This will minimize the introduction of endotoxin in the finished serum if that is a concern.

Vortexes the tubes thoroughly to mix the charcoal with serum and than incubate for 12 h at 4°C.
Pass the stripped serum through a pre-filter and 0.45 micron filter before sterilizing through a 0.2 micron filter.

Storage and Handling: Store the serum product at -10°C to -30°C or below unless otherwise indicated on the label.

Stability studies have shown that animal serum products may be stored for up to five years under these conditions with little or no detrimental effect.

Frost free or de-icing type freezers are Not Recommended. Each product is labelled with storage instructions.

Thawing to Aliquot:

If possible thaw serum products at room temperature.

If you need to thaw rapidly, a 37°C water bath is preferred.

Please do not repeatedly freeze and thaw serum products. This will allow degradation of some active components of the serum.

Occasionally lipid and or calcium particulates may appear in the serum. This does not indicate a problem with sterility or serum performance.

It is recommended to aliquot the serum into sterile containers (suitable for freezing) and refreeze when not in use.

Usage: Unless otherwise mentioned in the product description this product is intended for the LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT FOR HUMAN USE.

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