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Fetal Bovine Serum and Gloves Supplier

At BioAbChem, we understand the importance of scientific research and the critical role that lab products play in the process.

We are a locally-owned small business with a focus on providing high-quality FBS (Fetal Bovine Serum), gloves, and other essential lab products to our customers within the United States and across the globe.

Quality Is Our Priority

As scientists ourselves, we recognize the value of partnering with fellow researchers to ensure the success of their projects. We are committed to offering only the highest quality products, backed by unparalleled customer service and technical support.

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About BioAbChem

Why Choose BioAbChem

Competitive Pricing:

Competitive Pricing:

We strive to offer the highest quality products at the most competitive prices, making BioAbChem the ideal choice for your laboratory needs.

Dependable Gloves:

Dependable Gloves:

We offer a wide variety of gloves to suit your specific needs, including nitrile, latex, and vinyl options. Our gloves are designed for durability, dexterity, and comfort.

Expert Technical Support:

Expert Technical Support:

Our knowledgeable team of scientists is always available to provide guidance and assistance with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our products.

Fast and Reliable Shipping:

Fast and Reliable Shipping:

Our strategically located warehouses ensure prompt delivery of your orders, regardless of your location.

Premium Quality FBS:

Premium Quality FBS:

Our Fetal Bovine Serum products are rigorously tested to meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring consistency, performance, and safety.

Customer Service

We're here to assist you and provide the best support possible. If you have any questions, concerns, or need help with any aspect of our work, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Explore Our Products

Explore our extensive range of FBS, Gloves, and other lab products by visiting our Shop page. We are confident that you will find the perfect solutions to support your research and contribute to your success. Click the button below to start shopping now.

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