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A white digital rice cooker with buttons on the front.

Centrifuge, Hematocrit, 24-Place, 120v, 60Hz with US Plug, 24-place rotor, reading disk; 1 Each


The GCH-24 Hematocrit Centrifuge allows your lab to determine erythrocyte fractions in blood as well as micro solution separations using the included twenty-four (24) place capillary rotor. The included rotor lids enhance user safety and are easy to remove or replace.

Programming is simple with the backlit LCD display, intuitive control buttons and parameter adjustment knob. The timer will not count down until the programmed speed is reached, ensuring accurate results. Setpoint can be set by G-Force or RPM.

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A white machine with buttons on the front of it.

Centrifuge, Micro, 24-Place, High Speed, 120v,60Hz w US Plug and 24-Place Rotor for 1.5/2.0mL MCTs; 1 Each


It is easily programmable through a combination of LCD display, control buttons and parameter adjustment knob. The GCM-24 is compatible with numerous biological, chemistry, clinical and research applications including molecular biology, blood labs, DNA protocols and many more.

Standard features include a high strength 24 place 1.5 / 2.0mL aluminum alloy rotor with biosafety aerosol containment lid (all of which can be fully autoclaved). Multi-flow air cooling ensures your temperature sensitive samples are safe. The GCM-24 features pulse operation for quick spins, a unique temperature monitor and much more.

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A white machine with a button on the front.

Centrifuge, Micro, Refrigerated, High Speed 120v, 60Hz, US Plug, w 24-Place Rotor; 1 Each


Globe Scientific’s GCM-R-24 Refrigerated Microcentrifuge is based on the solid foundation of the GCM-24 and adds refrigerated control for your critical temperature sensitive samples. Suitable for various applications, including molecular biology, chemistry, and more, the GCM-R-24 has an intuitive button and knob interface for quick programming, a high strength 24-place aluminum alloy rotor with a biosafety aerosol containment lid (all of which can be fully autoclaved), a powerful yet quiet compressor for fast, accurate temperature control and much more. The GCM-R-24 can cool its rotor chamber and samples down to 4°C within just seven (7) minutes of operation – even at maximum speed and capacity!

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