Diamond Essentials Bottle, Narrow Mouth, Boston Round, HDPE with PP Closure, 30mL, Bulk Packed with Bottles and Caps Bagged Separately, 1000/Case

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Narrow mouth bottles improve pouring of liquid contents making them perfect for storing and shipping liquids.

Diamond® Essentials™ bulk plastic bottles meet the market need for efficient, effective, and economical packaging options aimed at manual and automated filling operations. Packaged in bulk with caps and bottles bagged separately, no de-capping step is needed before filling Diamond® Essentials™ Bulk Bottles. Available in wide and narrow mouth options with cap and closure sizes that match industry norms, the bottles integrate easily into filling operations.

Diamond® Essentials™ bulk plastic laboratory bottles are precision molded from virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE) resins for consistent wall thickness and smooth surfaces inside and out. These rugged HDPE bottles are resistant to most corrosives and are suitable for freezer storage down to -100ºC. Amber bottle options reduce UV light transmission to protect light sensitive contents and comply with US Pharmacopeia requirements for light transmission. Polypropylene caps are engineered with an integrated seal ring and semi-buttressed threads for leak proof closure. These leak proof bottles are designed and tested to withstand the highest pressure thresholds in the industry.

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