Mouse Serum

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Mouse Serum (MS); 50ml

Product Data Sheet and Certificate of Analysis

Mouse Serum: Mouse serum from normal healthy mice. US Origin.

Filtration: All serum products have been triple 0.1 micron filtered.

Storage and Handling:

  • Store all serum products at –10°C to -30°C or below, unless otherwise indicated on the label.
  • Stability studies have shown that animal serum products may be stored for up to five years under these conditions with little or no detrimental effect.
  • Frost free or de-icing type freezers are Not Recommended. Each product is labelled with storage instructions.

Thawing to Aliquot:

  • If possible thaw serum products at room temperature.
  • If you need to thaw rapidly, a 37°C water bath is preferred.
  • Please do not repeatedly freeze and thaw serum products. This will allow degradation of some active components of the serum.
  • Occasionally lipid and or calcium particulates may appear in the serum. This does not indicate a problem with sterility or serum performance.
  • It is recommended to aliquot the serum into sterile containers (suitable for freezing) and refreeze when not in use.

Usage: Unless otherwise mentioned in the product description this product is intended for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE IN HUMAN.

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